About Us

LearnPack is a platform that facilitates the creation, distribution and delivery of learning materials for technical skills.

The Problem

Let's be honest, learning online still sucks!

Learning content has never been more accessible but quantity ≠ quality and learning materials today are being published the same way as 20 years ago. As programmers, we wanted to simplify the learning process of coding technologies, eliminating tedious steps such as setting the environment, in order to focus on what really matters: coding.

The Solution

We need better tools.

LearnPack is here to remove the friction that exists in the creation and delivery of technical learning materials allowing creators to make content interactive, audiovisual, auto-graded and immediately available to their audiences without a big learning curve or difficulty.


Meet the faces behind Learnpack

Our team is full of programmers and tech lovers who are in constant search of new technologies to make coding a smooth sale for beginner and advanced programmers.

Alejandro's Picture
Alejandro Sanchez

20 years coding, 8 years teaching code, co-funder of one of the biggest coding bootcamps in the world

Tomas' picture
Tomas Gonzalez

Tech lead of interactive learning experiences at 4Geeks Academy