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Seamlessly build or take interactive & auto-graded tutorials.

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npm install @learnpack/learnpack -glearnpack startโ“˜ Building the exercise index...โœ“ Exercises are running! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

What is LearnPack?

LearnPack is a tool that allows content creators to quickly build interactive and auto-graded tutorials and learning materials for technical skills.
LearnPack scans your current folder looking for markdown files that will become tutorial instructions and unit-test files that will grade the student.

Why use LearnPack?

On any computer

Use localhost resources to carry out tutorials about almost any technology that runs on your user's computer.

No configuration

Create tutorials without any configuration. ยกWe give you the tools, you add the knowledge!

VSCode Integration

Run your exercises and tutorials inside the most popular coding editor in the word without any extra configuration.

Tutorial Modes

With incremental mode you can make step by step tutorials.
With isolated mode, each step is a new different challenge.


Use the most popular unit testing libraries to automatically grade your users on each step of the tutorial.

Quality Tutorials

We provide a command that allows you to audit your tutorial's repository and guarantee quality.

Any tutorial in any language with just one click!

Make your tutorial attractive and easy to use for beginner and advanced programmers in a single step.

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